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Independent Antibody Reviews

Over the course of the last years reproducibility and antibody reliability have become urgent topics. More than 50 % of scientists state that they eventually need to purchase several antibodies in order to get a new experiment for them to work properly. Even reproduction of previously published experiments is often stymied by antibodies that fail to specifically recognize their intended target or by non-reproducible antibodies.

This is why we created Here we want to collect YOUR reviews of antibodies and ELISA kits you used in your work as a scientist. Help other researchers and submit a short review. It will only take 5 minutes, but it will generate lots of value for other scientists.

How does it work

We built this website to share independent antibody and ELISA kit data with the scientific community. Your data! To be transparent, we show ALL your information about a specific item, the good and the bad. Subsequently to your submission we format your data to be consistent and upload it to within 48 hours.

Feel free to contact us via email in case you have any question or suggestions We highly appreciate your help. Thank you!